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Homes and Lanes Essayes by Time Travelers.

No Dollar Majors An economic defense of liberal arts majors.

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Questioning the Dominant Narrative in Economics

Time as a Social Practice
Time & Society 2013

Editor's Introduction. Fall 2013
Media Fields Issue 6: Data/Space.

Freshman on Acid: Roots of Software for Knowledge Work.
Cultural Studies Association Conference, 2012.

Generalization of the Configurable Being: D&D, Video Games, RPG Elements, Facebook.
In Dungeons, Dragons and Digital Denizens: Digital Role-playing Games. Eds. G. Voorhees, J. Call and K. Whitlock. Continuum Books, February 2012.

Interactive Time and Real Time in Software and Society
Spectator (USC) 30.1, Spring 2011

Playing with Game Time: Auto-Saves and Undoing Despite the 'Magic Circle'
Fibreculture, 2010

Book Review: Lance Strate's On the Binding Biases of Time: Essays on General Semantics and Media Ecology
Kronoscope Fall, 2012

Book Review: Christopher McGahan's Racing Cyberculture
New Media & Society, 2010

Book Review: Steven Shaviro's Without Criteria
Third Text, 2011

Racial Formation in Games: Race's Failure to Appear in Video Games
PCA/ACA, April 2010

Ctrl-Z: The Undo Function in Games
PCA/ACA, April 2009

Temporal Functions Besides Timelines
Film & History, October 2008

Accounting for Time in Time Travel
June, 2008

Traffic Report Empowers Commuters
Unpublished, March 2008

Hostage Taking Terrorism: 2 Gazes
Unpublished, December 2007

Biopolitical Informatics: Subjugated Data
Unpublished, March 2007

Computer Gaming as a Form of Experience
Unpublished, December 2006