Questioning the Dominant Narrative in Economics

Time as a Social Practice
Time & Society 2013

Editor's Introduction. Fall 2013
Media Fields Issue 6: Data/Space.

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Interactive Time and Real Time in Software and Society
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Playing with Game Time: Auto-Saves and Undoing Despite the 'Magic Circle'
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Book Review: Lance Strate's On the Binding Biases of Time: Essays on General Semantics and Media Ecology
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Book Review: Steven Shaviro's Without Criteria
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Racial Formation in Games: Race's Failure to Appear in Video Games
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Ctrl-Z: The Undo Function in Games
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Temporal Functions Besides Timelines
Film & History, October 2008

Accounting for Time in Time Travel
June, 2008

Traffic Report Empowers Commuters
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Hostage Taking Terrorism: 2 Gazes
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Biopolitical Informatics: Subjugated Data
Unpublished, March 2007

Computer Gaming as a Form of Experience
Unpublished, December 2006